Helping Families Make Smart Choices About Their Retirement Since 1989.

Michael Paulding Thomas

I'm an independent Investment Advisor and Securities Principal that specializes in retirement income planning (but I do much more).As nearly as you can tell, when you think of your retirement, does it seem more probable that you will outlive your money or that your money will outlive you?Here's what I offer: a no-cost, no-obligation second opinion.If you're open to it, I'd like to review your financial goals and portfolio with you. If I think your investments continue to be well-suited to your retirement, I'll gladly tell you so, and be on my way.If, on the other hand, I think some of your strategies no longer fit with your goals, I'll explain why in plain English and recommend some alternatives.



Much of the way I conduct my business can be described as going upstream against the financial industry. From my investment philosophy (being goal-focused and long-term oriented in an industry that will always be market-focused and short-term performance-driven); to the way I charge fees (low-cost for you takes precedence over my income); and to my investment philosophy (historically defensible, broadly diversified mutual funds vs the current "hot" du jour investment of the moment).

Do What's Right

This has been my guiding philosophy since I started in this industry in 1989.When I sit with a client I ask myself, "What would I do for myself and my family if I were in this situation?" Then that's what I recommend.

“I want to be happy by doing well by doing good. ―Michael“The truth tellers have no competition.”Nick Murray

Make a Complex Subject Simple

I keep my presentations, explanations, strategies and investments as simple as possible. I don't use fancy jargon nor try to impress you with sophisticated language, charts and graphs. I cut through the industry's noise and complexity and provide a simple answer.

“Everything must be made as simple as possible, but no simpler.” ―Albert Einstein

Behavioral Coaching

At the end of an investor’s life, 95% of his total lifetime return will come from how the investor behaved. And the primary determinant of that behavior will be the quality of the advice he got, or didn’t get. I believe you will do far better in real life with an empathetic, tough-loving behavioral coach than you will on your own.

“Without an adequately compensated advisor to help with selection and discipline, the individual investor will simply make all the classic and horrendous mistakes.”Nick Murray“People make better decisions with financial advisors.”Robert Shiller, Nobel Prize-winning economist

This essay started in 1989 when I entered into the investment business and began cataloging my beliefs and insights. This is the current edition of my original notes.

With over three decades in the Investment Advising business, I can attest that this is the simplest and most effective investment book I’ve ever read.If this book resonates with you, then you’ll enjoy working with me. If it doesn’t, you won’t.


Life Insurance

"When I got into the insurance industry 30+ years ago, I happened upon this book and it changed the direction of my career - meaning, focusing on recommending term life insurance, which was better for my clients but less so for my pocketbook." -Michael

Living Trusts

"This is certainly the only estate planning book you’ll ever need. Highly recommended." -Nick Murray